Dom D

Hey everyone! My name is Dominick. I’m from New York and now call Orlando, FL home. I make a living as a Project manager, but don’t be fooled. I’ve been spinning music since the vinyl era. I have also been flown to locations, including Caracas, to guest DJ and interview with radio stations. I used to split my time DJing between New York and Orlando, introducing Orlando to what was up and coming on the New York music circuit. Music is a passion of mine, and dance music has always been my favorite genre. When you have a passion and love for dance music like I do, it stays with you, and you just can’t ever quit.

I have two amazing daughters in my life who are just as motivated by music as I am. My daughters are a huge part of my life. Despite the fact they are grown up now, I could never take a snowboarding trip without them.
I post my mixes on Mixcloud & Hearthis. I draw a lot of inspiration for my sets from a lot of my own personal favorite music old and new. Thanks for your support, and keep jamming!

Join me every Sunday from 22:00 to 00:00 UK 5 to 7pm EST/NY

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