Shippo ( Andy Shipton ) started liking Dance & Rave music when as young teenager in the early 1990’s but was a bit young to go to raves. In the Mid 90’s started to get out more to local club events and Raves.

In 1995 I started collecting Jungle/D’n’B cds and tapes.

In the 90’s I wanted to get a drum kit but parents was a bit funny about it and I ended up having some guitar lessons instead.

In 1995 went half’s with a mate and got some Soundlab direct drive decks and started getting hold of house/trance/Ibiza Style Choons on vinyl.

In the late 90’s I started my new good job and saved up to get some Technics Sl1200 Mrk 2 decks and then I ended up going mad on collecting wicked club choons on vinyl like styles of house/hard house and trance sounds back then until the local vinyl shops closed down in 2002/2003.

In the 1990’s I had a bit of the Old Skool Rave stuff but wished had more of it.

In 1999 thanks to a mate Guy Tuner known as GT, Showed me some of the early 90’s Breakbeat Rave sounds, So then I started to try and get hold off the Old Skool Breakbeat rave sounds and that sound ended up making me a big fan of the Drum sounds.

2003/2004 I started to discovered the early days of internet radio which one of them was D’n’B radio and got addictive to listening to the live djs playing dnb/jungle and 1990’s choons and started to think I would love to get some kind of drum and play long for fun to the music.

When on holiday in Cornwall in the Summer of 2005, I found a few bongo drums for sell in a Hippy kind of shop and thought them drums are not to big and could have a lot of fun with them when I get back home after the holiday. So I ended up buying a Bongo drum and found I could do OK beats on them and that’s is when my drumming started.

At home I was playing the bongo drums a lot and tried to get wicked at drumming. I did a lot of practice and drum sessions to the music that djs was playing on internet radio stations and played the drums a lot to my music collection too. In 2007 I ended up getting a better set of hand drums and got hold of a Conga Drum kit.

I found I was drumming a lot to D’n’B, jungle and old Skool Bbreakbeat rave lot from them kind of choons having a lot of wicked drumming going in them.

2007/2008 I was going out a lot to a local dnb event called Cutz Recordings and in 2008 I asked the owner of the event if they where up for me Drumming on my Conga drums and playing the drums long to the dj sets. They where up for it and I ended up having a drumming gig on my conga drums to D’n’B music in June 2008 and it was a Wicked session.

later on with my Drumming in 2009 John Browne from Cutz Recordings started to help me get better with my drumming. I had sessions with him for about 2 years and my drumming got better.

In 2011 I got a random message on facebook asking if I was up for doing some Conga drumming live to the Djs at a local event Called Sub-Vert and I did a Hand full of Drumming sessions in the nite club with them in 2011 and 2012.

Also From 2006/2007 to present day I found lot of wicked internet radio stations that have a lot of different djs that play all sorts of music. Net radio sites like Konfict Radio, dnbradio, Bassdrive, Nu-Rave, Planet-Rave, Nu-Perception, Club-Labrynth, Atomic-Vibez, Raidersradio, Globaldnb, nsbradio, Raiders of the old skool, KoolLondon, SunriseFm, Londonpirateradio, Lazerfmworldwide, etc.

As time went on I started to think it would be wicked to get off the hand drums for a bit and get a drum kit.

In 2015 I was looking at electric drums kits and found some new model made by Roland called a V-Drum. It was half the size of a normal drum kit which was perfect, so would fit in the Room nicely without taking up too much space. Also had new drum pad tech on it to make it sound and act like a real drum kit. So in 2015 I went for it and got hold of this wicked Roland V-drum.

After I got my Drum kit I was having a right blast and found I could play them very well . I Played along to dj sets on net radio and played along on the drums a lot to my Old Skool Breakbeat rave choons.

Later on in 2016 I was thinking how could I get set up and drum live to some music on internet radio. Then a wicked Idea came to my head, I could get my Technics set up again which have not been used for a long time. I found that my Dj mixer had the right inputs for my Roland V-Drum to plug in the mixer and got the drums sounds set up good to play the drums along to my record collection.

in 2016/2017 I started to Do Live Drumming shows to Breakbeat rave, Jungle and some Ibiza classics choons on Londonpirateradio and Lazerfm worldwide internet radio stations. Wicked, at last I was drumming live with people hearing my drumming going long to the music. In January 2018 I started doing Live Drumming shows to music on SunriseFm.

I play on my Roland V- Drums to the breakbeat style sounds a lot on my Radio shows.

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