Granty B

I grew up listening to pop, Motown, hip hop, 60s, 70s and all way through 80s to current times.

I love music with catchy lyrics and melodies which is what I grew up with during the 80s, and still incorporate such samples in many of my sets to this day.

I fell in love with the idea of mixing music on decks as a teenager during the 90s getting my first set of Gemini belt drive turntables. A year or two later and I finally got my first and only set of 1210s. “Its not a deck of if it’s not a Tech” was the saying and from there I was off and running.

Wow I remember my first taste of dance music with tunes like Pump up the Jam and Ride on Time just the intro blew my mind. I quickly progressed from loving pop music to dance music which the 90s is full of, stuff like classic house through to old skool and happy hardcore. Nights at Camden Palace at clockwork orange I will never forget and have plenty of vinyl to help me reminisce.

Moving into the 2000s and UK Garage and trance took off, again the catchy lyrics and melodies really keeping me locked in and loving dance music.

For years I was a perfect example of a bedroom DJ, mixing the tunes I heard while out or on radio, doing mix tapes and trying my hardest to not make any mistakes. Eventually getting to a point where I could put beats together consistently enough to get on radio playing on Lockdown FM and others for a while.

I now play on boat parties and party buses as well as on line events, in line with the times (COVID).

My main genre now is house whether it’s vocal, funky, classic, soulful or deep, anything with the catchy beats, lyrics or melodies and I love a remix or bootleg.

Music is not only a deep rooted passion for me, it’s memories, it’s a social thing, uplifting and inspiring, an emotional journey with twists and turns, my sets are like stories that ebb and flow and I absolutely love doing what I do.

Long may that continue, one love ❤️🎵❤️🎵❤️🎵❤️🎵❤️🎵❤️

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